The Upcoming 2025 Lexus UX: New Colors & Price

The 2025 Lexus UX is the most efficient subcompact luxury SUV on the market. with a relatively cheap price to obtain, the UX 2025 has a small body compared to its competitors. It has a shorter interior and is less muscular than most subcompact luxury SUVs, but it’s spacious and agile enough to meet the needs of most drivers. On its interior, you’d never guess it’s a relatively cheap Lexus, as it has all of the familiar amenities and quality.

2025 Lexus UX Review

2025 Lexus UX Design

Speaking from a design perspective, Lexus Motor is currently preparing the debut of the Lexus UX model year 2025, with many expectations and information already available on several official sites. The 2025 Lexus UX models will have a completely new look and upgraded amenities. With its elegant appearance, this car is very popular. The UX 2025 has a slightly smaller design than its competitors, but this vehicle is very effective to drive.

2025 Lexus UX Lauching Date

As said before, the Lexus will be launched in early 2025. so we can anticipate the debut of the new 2025 Lexus UX in the fall of 2024. However, the company has not officially published any information on the new Lexus UX 2025 release date. However, as soon as the company releases it, we will notify you.

2025 Lexus UX Price & Trims

The base price of the 2025 Lexus UX is $37,490. That pertains to the front-wheel drive base model. Add $1,600 to the all-wheel drive budget. The popular Premium variant starts at $40,690, while $45,955 is the starting price for the sportier F Sport Handling model. For clear price details, please see the table below. we have summarized it.

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Trims Price
UX300h $37,490
UX300h Premium $40,690
UX300h F Sport Design $41,440
UX300h F Sport Handling $45,955

2025 Lexus UX Interior

If you look at the interior, the Lexus UX 2025 looks luxurious, with an elegant layout and a neatly arranged cabin. The cabin shows no signs that the UX is the most economical new Lexus. The design, workmanship, and quality of materials are often excellent. However, this year’s Premium and F Sport models will get a configurable 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The infotainment system includes a base 8-inch screen and an optional 12.3-inch screen, both of which display smartphone-like menus and controls. We appreciate that it comes with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for easy phone connectivity.

2025 Lexus UX cabin

The Lexus UX 2025 has roomy and comfortable front seats. This meets the target of young people in the city. However, if you plan on driving with adults in the back, we recommend the larger Lexus NX. The backend UX is the most basic in its class. There is about four inches less rear legroom than the BMW X1. Cargo capacity is also limited, at 17 cubic feet behind the rear seats. That’s much less than the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLB. However, when the rear seat collapses, there’s little real-world load that the UX can’t handle as effectively as most of its competitors.

2025 Lexus UX New Colors

The Lexus UX colors are interesting to discuss. The UX 2025 arrives with nine of the best color choices across all its models. Based on the information we received, the 2025 Lexus UX will get three interior colors. Pay attention to the table below, we have summarized it well.

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Trims Price
Caviar Birch
Cloudburst Gray Birch/Lapis
Copper Crest Black
Eminent White Pearl
Grecian Water
Nori Green Pearl

Engine, Performance & MPG

What About Power? In 2025, the new hybrid drivetrain will produce 196 horsepower. With this increased power and a lighter battery than the previous model year, an all-wheel-drive UX 300h can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 7.9 seconds. Although that is a half-second quicker than previously, let’s hold off on popping the bubbly apple juice just yet. For instance, the BMW X1 xDrive28i’s 241 horsepower allows it to complete the same dash in 6.2 seconds. However, it is more expensive and thirstier.

2025 Lexus UX Exterior

Next, what about Performance? Although there were never any problems with the prior device, we will always appreciate more improvement. We’ve found that garages and city streets—the UX’s natural habitat—are simple to navigate thanks to its small footprint. Even on the highway, it is fairly comfortable, which is not always the case with tiny cars. The more time we’ve spent with the Lexus UX, the more we value it as a pleasurable and sophisticated compact luxury SUV.

So what about fuel savings? We think the all-wheel drive 2025 UX 300h is capable of achieving 41 mpg overall in city and highway driving, 2 mpg more than the 2024 version. This is because the engine is a hybrid, something that is unusual in the industry.

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One mile per gallon better than the previous model year, front-wheel-drive UX vehicles earn a class-leading EPA combined fuel economy rating of 43 mpg. By comparison, the combined fuel economy of the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the more powerful BMW X1 is 28 mpg. The UX will use nearly 16 gallons less fuel per month at 15,000 miles per year. That’s still a sizable saving, almost $50 each month, even at $3 a gallon.

2025 Lexus UX Safety Features

You will have no reason to complain about the Lexus Safety features because Lexus cares about its customers, which is why it includes a wide range of standard safety features with its vehicles, whether they are the new Lexus TX or Lexus UX. Here, we have listed all of the safety features that come standard with the Lexus UX 2025:

  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Tracing Assist
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Road Sign Assist
  • All Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Intelligent High Beams
  • Ten Standard Airbags
  • Automatic Emergency Braking System
  • Backup Camera


Final discussion, what about the competitors of the Lexus UX 2025? The Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Mercedes-Benz GLA or GLB are examples of UX-like models. All four of these SUVs have greater power and accelerate faster, but none have hybrid powertrains. Other tiny luxury SUVs include the Jaguar E-Pace, Volvo XC40, and the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. The Tonale is notable for its availability as a plug-in hybrid.

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