Toyota Prius 2025: New Colors, Specs, Price, Launch Date

The 2025 Toyota Prius is a sleek mid-size SUV that prioritizes environmental sustainability. Toyota cares deeply about the environment in all of their new Prius vehicles. Many Prius versions include automated climate control to keep the interior comfortable without much effort. If you go for the nicer variants, the Prius may offer amazing sound systems like as JBL for high-quality music. The steering wheel is really useful, allowing you to handle audio, phone calls, and cruise without removing your hands from the wheel.

2025 Toyota Prius New Colors

What’s new in the 2025 Toyota Prius Design?

When a fifth-generation Prius made its appearance. This version astounded everyone with its elegant design, excellent power, and a pioneering achievement for a compact hybrid: it looked good, moved quickly, and was extremely economical, achieving an astonishing 57 mpg combined in its most fuel-efficient configuration. This is a big shift in the realm of hybrids, and it is undoubtedly a positive one. Now let’s speak about the design

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Toyota opted to keep the 2025 Toyota Prius very much the same as when you gave it a complete makeover in 2023. The fifth-generation Prius had some cosmetic changes and now appears to be more appealing. The Prius now boasts a fantastic instrument cluster just behind the steering wheel. The exterior is sleek and stylish, but that means the roof is 2.0 inches lower, reducing space in the back. If you opt for the more luxurious version, you get extras like heated seats, more cup holders for people in the back, and even heated seats in the back.

2025 Toyota Prius Launch Date

Now let’s talk about availability! According to the current production plan, the 2025 Toyota Prius should arrive in dealerships in the fall of 2024. What’s interesting is that Toyota has yet to officially announce when the 2025 Prius will be available. If they decide to give a release date, we will undoubtedly be the first to let everyone know here.

2025 Toyota Prius Price & Trims

Talking about money to buy a Toyota Prius is an important thing for enthusiasts. We estimate that there will be additional price increases in 2025. Prices for the 2025 Toyota Prius start at $29,000 to $37,000 depending on trim and options. The Toyota Prius will reportedly be available in six trim levels. please see table below for all trims and prices.

Trims Price
LE $29,000
LE AWD $30,000
EXL $33,000
EXL AWD $34,000
Limited $36,000
Limited AWD $38,000

2025 Toyota Prius Colors

If we talk about the color of the Toyota Prius, the color will definitely be like the picture in this post. The report we quoted from CarsDirect states that the 2025 Prius will be available in six colors. They also provide information about the interior colors which are available in two colors. Here are the complete details of the 2025 BMW X2 colors.

Exterior Interior
Cutting Edge Gradient Black
Guardian Gray Light Gray
Midnight Black Metallic
Reservoir Blue
Supersonic Red
Wind Chill Pearl

2025 Toyota Prius Interior

Although the fifth-generation 2025 Prius takes a new, dare we say unique shape, the inside remains conservative, with a more classic automotive cockpit. For the first time, the Prius has a gauge cluster directly behind the steering wheel, although its location requires you to tilt the wheel far down to get a good view of the gauges. The sleek exterior design results in a roofline 2.0 inches lower than before, reducing rear-seat headroom. The base model features a faux leather steering wheel, but upgrading to the XLE or higher trim levels unlocks heated front seats, additional cup holders for rear passengers, and heated rear seats.

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2025 Toyota Prius Interior

2025 Toyota Prius Specs

Brand Toyota
Model Year 2025
Body Type Mid-Size SUV
Doors 5-Door
Seating Capacity 5-Passenger Seating
Engine 2.0-liter gas four-cylinder
Power 220 Horsepower
Torque 139 lb-ft
Transmission Automatic Transmission
0-60 MPH Time 7.0 Seconds
Top Speed 112 mph
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Engine, Performance, MPG

The regular Prius has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and an 83-kW motor generator embedded into the hybrid automatic transmission. The FWD variant produces 194 Horsepower, and with the AWD’s rear motor, that amount rises slightly to 196 Horsepower. However, the Prius Prime is equipped with a 120-kW motor generation and a 13.6-kWh battery. Grunt jumps to 220 horsepower, but the hatchback is only accessible in FWD.

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2025 Toyota Prius Review

The Prius XLE and Limited models without larger 19-inch wheels have the lowest fuel economy, which is still pretty respectable at 52/52 mpg city/highway with FWD and 49/50 mpg with AWD. The LE base model FWD on 17s is rated at a fantastic 57/56 mpg city/highway, whereas the AWD variant offers 53/54 mpg. Prius Prime PHEV gas efficiency is comparable, but its all-electric capacity provides the added benefit of driving without using any gas. For the Prime XSE and XSE Premium, the EV performance is up to 39 miles, while the SE model can reach 44 miles. The Prius Prime’s total driving range can be up to 600 miles.

2025 Toyota Prius Safety Features

Every Pruis now comes with a full suite of driver assistance capabilities. Standard features include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, automatic high beams, safe exit warning and traffic jam assist. The mid-level variant comes standard with parking sensors and rear automatic braking. Upper trims include a surround-view camera and automatic parking. These features will likely stick around until 2025, and some options may become standard equipment.