The New 2025 Kia Soul: New Design, Colors, Features & Price

The new 2025 Kia Soul is a unique subcompact Crossover SUV to choose from. It has a box-shaped (flamboyant) design, luxurious interior, and spacious cabin. The 2025 Kia Soul will be available in various model trims with different engine choices. But don’t worry, the Soul 2025 is sold at a price that reaches the lower middle class. The 2025 Soul is cheaper than the Chevrolet Trailblazer, Jeep Renegade, and Kia Seltos. If you look at power, the 2025 Kia Soul only has one engine (four-cylinders) with 147 horsepower. with continuously variable automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. But the 2025 Soul is still fun to drive because of its pleasant ride and advanced technology. So from this article, we will discover what differentiates the new Kia Soul from the current model. see the review.

2025 Kia Soul

2025 Kia Soul Redesign

If you remember the Generation of the Kia Soul! The first Kia Soul debuted in 2009 and was distinguished by its boxy shape and distinctive styling. As of 2013, the Kia Soul is still available for purchase. In the 2014 generation, it retains its recognizable boxy silhouette but still features new technology and design features. Until 2019. The third-generation Soul debuted in 2020, bringing boxy styling to the next model year with a few modest changes.

Now let’s talk about the design of the 2025 Soul. For now, Kia is keeping details about its appearance and features under wraps, but we can’t wait to learn more. But, there are also rumors that the 2025 Soul will feature some advanced new features along with a redesigned front-end design. Kia appears ready to overhaul the Soul by 2025, considering its most recent major redesign was in 2020. We’ll make sure you have all the latest information as soon as Kia makes its announcement about the 2025 Soul public.

2025 Kia Soul Launch Date

If you want to know when the Kia Soul will be launched! We can’t answer yet when the Kia Soul will be launched. So it’s a little difficult for us to provide exact details regarding the current release date. However, repeating the old story, the final model is scheduled to be launched in early 2024. So from there, we can estimate that the new Kia Soul is expected to enter the market at the end of 2024 or early 2025.

2025 Kia Soul Price & Trims

From the start, we have hinted that the 2025 Kia Soul will be priced at a price that is affordable for the lower middle class. but at this time we cannot estimate the exact price. Based on information from the Car and Driver website, the 2024 Kia ​​Soul is priced from $21,565 to $25,865 US dollars. and depending on the model trim you choose. However, prices in 2025 may change depending on the region. so for a definite price. we’ll be back soon with the actual prices, as revealed by the company.

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Trims Price
LX $22,500
S $24,500
GT-Line $25,500
EX $26,000

2025 Kia Soul Color Options

Now let us talk about color choices! We’ve looked everywhere for information, hoping to tell us something about the colors of the 2025 Kia Soul. We conclude that Soul 2025 only has slight changes to the color.

What color will it change? According to information from the CarsDirect website, the Kia Soul will get two additional new colors from the six colors of the previous model. and there is only one color variant (Black) in the interior. We expect the colors Cars Direct says will be available on the 2025 Soul. Below is a list of color options for the 2025 Kia Soul.

Fusion Black Clear White/Black Roof Fusion Black Fusion Black
Gravity Gray Fusion Black Gravity Gray Gravity Gray
Inferno Red Gravity Gray Inferno Red Inferno Red
Mars Orange Inferno Red Neptune Blue Neptune Blue
Snow White Pearl Mars Orange Snow White Pearl Snow White Pearl
Steel Gray Snow White Pearl Steel Gray Steel Gray
Steel Gray Surf Blue w/Black Roof Surf Blue
Surf Blue w/Black Roof

2025 Kia Soul Interior

How is the interior? The interior of the Kia Soul is famous for its external design for this future launch. The 2025 Kia Soul will promise a more spacious interior despite its small size. The car has a load capacity of 62.1 cubic feet and can accommodate five people quite comfortably. This will provide plenty of space and a sense of openness. Depending on the trim level, you might also find places with soft touches, high-quality upholstery, and sturdy panels. These improvements offer a more luxurious feel to the cabin.

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2025 Kia Soul Interior

Access into the cabin! The surprisingly spacious cabin is easily accessed from the front and back thanks to its tall ceiling and large door openings. Four adults won’t have any trouble traveling long distances because of the ample head and legroom in front and rear. Except for the tiny, upside-down window in the rear three-quarter view, all of the windows are tall and narrow.

2025 Kia Soul Specs

Brand BMW
Model Year 2025
Body Type Crossover SUV
Doors Four-Door
Seating Capacity Five-Passenger Seating
Engine 2.0-Liter Four-Cylinder
Power 147 Horsepower
Torque 132 pound-feet
Transmission Automatic with Manual Shifting Mode
0-60 MPH Time 8.5 Seconds
Top Speed 120 mph
Official Website

Engine, Performance & MPG

As we mentioned earlier, the 2025 Kia Soul will use a 2.0-liter (four-cylinder) engine that produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. A continuously variable gearbox (CVT) and front-wheel drive complete the mechanical configuration. All-wheel drive was never available on the Soul. So we estimate that there will be no modifications to the Soul’s powertrain. The Soul achieved a 0-60 mph time of 8.5 seconds, which is reasonable for a small SUV.

2025 Kia Soul Design

We estimate the Kia Soul gets 35 mpg for highway driving and as low as 27 mpg in the city; this is especially possible for cars with apparently non-aerodynamic wheels. Like rivals, the Nissan Kicks and Hyundai Venue offer similar highway numbers, but both outperform the Kia in the city, achieving 31 and 30 mpg respectively. In our 75 mph fuel economy test, the Soul managed 30 mpg.

2025 Kia Soul Safety Features

Our estimates on the new Kia Soul! Kia retains the safety and driver assistance features found in the current model. Where the safety features on the Soul 2024 are said to work very well. so here is the list:

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  • Standard Rate
  • Lane guard
  • Monitoring driver alertness
  • Automatic high beam
  • Backseat reminder
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring is optional
  • Adaptive cruise control (available on GT-Line)

Latest Technology on Kia Soul

How is the technology? The Soul includes a lot of conventional and available technology, and it all works well. Most trim levels include a large integrated 10.2-inch touchscreen that dominates the dashboard. We enjoyed the optional Harman Kardon stereo system, which provided plenty of bass response and good sound quality across a variety of music genres. Smartphone connectivity, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is standard.

The most interesting! Kia says the optional smart key now goes into 40-second sleep mode, after locking the vehicle so thieves can’t duplicate the key’s frequency. Thanks for reading.